Friday, October 11, 2013


My Comments: I have an item to order from They offer free shipping worldwide but the wait is pretty long..up to a month and i'm a bit scared of my items getting lost/extremely delayed/then the hassle of requesting a refund.

So i would like to place an order using their express service which i believe should be more reliable and prompt. In the website it says delivery will be in 4 working days. I should say around a week plus because you need to factor in that i am waiting to compile the orders, then wait for payment from other people before submitting the order.

Since it's my first time ordering..i take orders for small items like CLOTHING only...No HANDBAGS yea :D


If you want to place order, here's the calculation.

Currency Conversion: GBP 1 = RM 5.20

Shipping Charges is based on your ORDER TOTAL. NOT PER ITEM.
Order RM 1-RM 100 = RM 21
Order RM 101-RM 200 = RM 42
Order RM 201 - RM 300 = RM 63

My Charge: RM 10 per item.

Courier Charges: 
To Semenanjung:
For small items/wallet/clothing:  RM 6 for the first item and RM 2 for every additional items.
For heavier items/sets/bulky clothing/handbag: RM 10 for the first items and rm5 for every additional items.

To Sabah/Sarawak
For small items/wallet/clothing:  RM 8 for the first item and RM 3 for every additional items.
For heavier items/sets/bulky clothing/handbag: RM 20  for the first items and RM 10 for every additional items.

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Anonymous said...

Dear. Can i have your contact? I would like to ask for your help to buy from asos.

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