Shopping Rebate

My Comments: Do you prefer to buy items directly from the USA instead of going through middle person like me? Here's a good deal for you.

In case you're thinking, it's shopping for's not :) The concept is, you shop online and get a percentage of your money back.

Once you accumulate a certain amount or reach the date limit, you can request for payment and they'll put the money in your Paypal account. Great if you're already an online shopping addict!

Again, if you think it's a scam, it's not. Because i've been getting money for years...hehehehe.

The trick to get cashback is you must enter via Extrabux or Ebates to your desired shopping site. If not, how would they know you've made a purchase? For full information, read the Help section of each site.

Cashback Site 1: Extrabux

I use extrabux a lot because i can request for payment as soon as i reach USD10 in cashback.

See, they've already paid me USD150 bucks and me being me..already spent all that money. Hehehehe. I still have another USD 37 bucks to spend. Maybe i'll save that for Hari Raya shopping.

Extrabux is free to join. It's the easiest way to get your money back. Even our Visa/Mastercard CC doesn't provide much cashback on our purchases.

Click the logo below to join and begin getting back the money you should have got long long time ago.

Cashback Site 2: Ebates

I have been a member since 2008 but does not use it much. I plan to use it again because it is more interesting now and has increased cashback on some sites. As of today, i only gained USD12.

Ebates is also free to join. Cick the logo below to join

Happy shopping and do utilize these 2 sites fully because they really do pay you.

Kindly join through the link provided as it is my referral link. I get e-gift cards or cash whenever someone join Extrabux/Ebates via my link and start to make a purchase.

Hopefully your kindness will be repayed by your friends who join through your link after you become a member. Thank you so much :)
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