Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bath and Body Works Latest Pricing 2014

Hye All,

Please take note that the previous Bath & Body Works Pricing are no longer valid. They have increased the price a bit so here's the best price i can offer regardless of how many items you purchase.

Note: I am limiting the amount for items ordered every month, for speedier processing (customs).

Signature Range: I am still taking the average price (purata) of the buy 3 free 2/free 3 promotion as it's pretty permanent anyway. So things can remain cheap. This is price per item. There will be no free items or in other words, the BBW website promotion is not valid in my blog.

Travel Sized Items : 3 for RM 130
Eau De Toilette USD 29.50 : RM 110
Fine Fragrance Mist: RM 69
Shimmer Body Mist: RM 69
Creamy Body Scrub: RM 69
Body Butter: RM 70
Select A Shimmer: RM 69
Triple Moisture Body Cream : RM 67
Body Lotion : RM 67
Shower Gel : RM 67
Luxury Bubble Bath : RM 69
Creamy Body Wash : RM 67

Aromatherapy Range
Travel Sized Items : 3 for RM 130
Body Lotion: RM 85
Body Wash & Foam Bath: RM 85

5 for RM 55

Further Discount: Not Applicable

Target Delivery: 4 weeks

Courier Charges: Please refer to my sidebar

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