Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coach Boutique Special Price till Sunday 17 June (midnight)

My Comments: This price is valid till Sunday 17 June 2012 (midnight). You can request the price for anything in this link: Coach USA. New designs included!

I've uploaded photos in my FB album and will continue to upload more when i have the time. For anything you don't see there, email me at for a quote.

I'm giving FREE DOMESTIC COURIER for all wristlets :)

RM 223

RM 223

RM 223

RM 223

RM 252

RM 223

RM 223

Target Arrival: 4 weeks.

Courier: RM 10 to Semenanjung and RM 15 to Sabah/Sarawak per bag

Further Discount: Not Applicable


Anonymous said...

Hye ms , wristlet ni available lg tak ?

beautybazaar said...

Hye, most of it masih ada. Still discounted but mahal sikit dari harga yang dulu /harga dalam entry ini.

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