Wednesday, April 04, 2012

NYX Spree till Monday 9 April 2012

EDIT: Closing date extended to Monday 9/4

My Comments: I'm still able to maintain the RM 10 round lipstick price but until when, i'm not sure. I hope everyone's happy with the news :)

NYX Products & Photo: The official website is

It's hard to see the real life colours there so i've googled and compiled some photos here: NYX Cosmetic Album 1NYX Cosmetic Album 2NYX Cosmetic Album 3NYX Swatch Album. Not all the photos are there so if you're interested in a certain shade, do google it.

Spree Details and Rules: I can only take orders for the items listed below. Spree will commence from Tuesday 3/4 till Monday 9/4. If you have any revision to make, you can revise order before paying by replying to the order form. Once paid, the order is final.

Spree Target Arrival Date: Item is expected to arrive to my place on 26 April 2012. Your items will be couriered out on Monday 30 April (target dat) and you will get your courier tracking number.

Price List:

Lip Products

Matte Lipstick - RM 23
Round Lipgloss - RM 14
Mood Lip Gloss - RM 20
Mood Lip Gloss (Sensual) - RM 20 
Mood Lip Gloss (Smile Brightener) - RM20 (newly added)
Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss - RM 24 (Color Code DSG01 and DSG05 is discontinued)
Lip Laquer Pot -  RM 25
Pump It Up Lip Plumper - RM 25 (newly added)
Slim Lip Pencil - RM 14
Color Lip Balm - RM 16 (newly added)
Xtreme Lip Cream - RM 25 (newly added)

Eye Products - Eyeshadows 
Loose Pearl Powder (Pigment)- RM 13
Chrome Eyeshadow (Pigment)- RM 24
Eyeshadow Trio - RM 30
Eyeshadow Palette 10 Color - RM 48
Roll on Eye Shimmer - RM 23 (newly added)
Cream Shadow - RM 23 (newly added)

Eye Products - Eye Liners 
Slim Eye Pencil - RM 14
Felt Tip Liner - RM 29
Doll Mascara- RM 31

Eye Products - Eye Brows
Grow Brow Serum - RM 98

Base Makeup
Concealer Jar - RM 23
Highlight & Contour Powder - RM 38 (newly added)
Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation - RM 52 (newly added)
Shine Killer Face Primer - RM 52 (newly added)
Pore Filler - RM 52 (newly added)

Cheek Products
Powder Blush - RM 26
Bronzer & Blusher Combo - RM 38 
Blush Stick - RM 28 (newly added)

Bronzing Products (newly added)

Makeup Sets
Smokey Look Kit - RM 54
Makeup Remover 
Makeup Remover Gel  - RM 39

NYX Professional Makeup Tools (newly added)

Discount: Not Applicable no matter quantity purchased is 1 or 100.

Courier Charges: RM6 for up to 5 items to Semenanjung. RM8 for up to 5 items to Sabah & Sarawak. Additional courier charges shall be calculated for additional items.

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