Thursday, November 24, 2011

Milani Cosmetic 50% Discount

My Comments: Please request for a quote from me at Orders and payment must be received by Monday (afternoon) to qualify as this is a one day sale happening next week.

I only managed to calculate some of the pricing, however the whole website is on sale so don't limit yourself to what you see here.

Link to the sales:

Runway Eyes Fashion Shadow
Photo Credit :




Lip Flash : RM 26

Baked Blush
Photo Credit: As per watermark

Baked Blush : RM 28

Powder and Foundation


Discount: No discount no matter quantity purchased is 1 or 100.

Courier Charges: RM 6 for the first 5 items to Semenanjung. RM 8 for the first 5 items to Sabah/Sarawak.

Next 5 items: Add RM 2 to Semenanjung and RM 11 to Sabah Sarawak.

Example cost of posting 14 items to Semenanjung: RM 6 + RM 2 + RM 2 = RM 10

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