Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYX Arrival & In Stock Items

My Comments: Your NYX orders has arrived on the 17/10 and has been sent for courier today 19/10. No photos on the loot as i need to pack things fast. I use Postlaju Courier for most addresses and Hyjet Courier for some KL addresses.

Here are some extras i ordered:

In this photo:

4 x The Naturals Lip Gloss : I'm selling the the glosses seperately. Please specify which colors you want starting from top to bottom. These are sheer glosses,meant to be layered on top of lipsticks. RM 10 per lip gloss. (Only glosses 3, 4, 5 and 6th from the top are still available).

0 x The Perfect Everyday Colors Lip Gloss Palette. This is the small rectangular palette on top. RM 34.(Sold)

0 x Mosaic Powder Blush in Paradise. This is the round casing. RM 29. (sold to Nad)

0 x Powder Blush in Pinched. This is the square casing. RM 25 (Sold )

1 x Glitter Cream Palette in Paradise. This is the rectangular palette at the bottom. RM 23

In this photo:

0 x Megashine Lipgloss in Nude Peach. RM 19 ( 1 booked for Syakira)
0 x Round Lipgloss in Amethyst. RM 14 (Sold)
1 x Blush in Mocha. RM 25
0 x Tinted Lip Spa in Sake. RM21 (sold)
0 x Matte Lipstick in Nude. RM23 (1 booked for Syakira)
1 x Round Lipstick in Pink Lyric. RM8 each because of defect/tested ( 1 booked for Sarah, 1 available)
0 x Round Lipstick in Frappucino. RM10 each ( 1 booked for Sarah, 1 sold to Intan L)
0 x Round Lipstick in Minimalism. RM10 each ( 1 sold to Intan L, 1 sold)
0 x Round Lipstick in Chic. RM10 (1 booked for Sarah)
0 x Round Lipstick in Iconic. RM10 ( 1 sold to Puteri)

In this photo:

1 x Slim Lip Liner Pencil in Pale Pink. RM14
1 x Slim Lip Liner Pencil in Nude Truffle. RM14
1 x Slim Lip Liner Pencil in Mahogany. RM14
1 x Slim Lip Liner Pencil in Brown. RM14
0 x Retractable Lip Liner in Nude Pink. RM20
0 x Jumbo Lip Pencil in Rose Brown. RM 16
1 x AutoEyebrow Pencil in Brown. RM18
1 x Candy Glitter Eye Liner in Disco Ball. RM18
1 x Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean. RM15

Discount: Not applicable regardless of the quantity purchased.

Courier charges: RM6 to Semenanjung for up to 5 items. RM8 to Sabah/Sarawak for up to 5 items.

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