Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Welcome to Beauty Bazaar

Salam, we meet again.

This blog was created in 2005 as a personal blog to sell my used beauty stuff.

After that me and a couple of net friends decided to open http://beautybargains.blogspot.com to sell new and used beauty items that we managed to source from here and there.

Later when i wanted to do things solo and be a personal shopper, i opened http://beautycounter.blogdrive.com. Many of you might know me from there. The blog is still there but i've not been updating it for quite sometime now due to a technical issue with the service provider, blogdrive. So i'm back to using this blog. Hope you like it here :)

It will take some time for me to fill up this blog with a big selection of items like in beautycounter so for the time being you can still refer to my beautycounter blog for more items.

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